Got a loose Oakley™ Juliet nose-bridge? Saggy Romeo got you down? The X-MAN is here to help! Using his custom tuning techniques, The X-MAN will make your nose-bridge as tight as new. Don't suffer the indignities of sloppy X-Metal frames. The X-MAN can tune the following Oakley™ X-Metal frames :


Scratched up frames? Bored of the Plasma finish? The X-MAN can give your Oakley™ frames a new lease on life with a custom refinish. We can refinish in Plasma or X-Metal (dark grey) along with a number of custom colors to really make your frames pop. The X-MAN can also do a TiO2 finish where the frame orbitals are Plasma but the nose-bridge and ear stems are X-Metal. Contact The X-MAN for the current colors available, and check out our gallery for examples of our custom work. The X-MAN can refinish the following Oakley™ frames:


Got a stripped screw in your frames? The X-MAN can fix that too! Drop him a note for more information.