• How to Order

    Ordering services from The X-MAN is very simple - Just fill in the order form (click here), print it and mail it along with your frames to :

    The X-MAN custom metalworks LLC
    215 Aberdeen Dr
    Algonquin, IL

    For International orders, please contact The X-MAN to confirm the country he'll be shipping to

    Turnaround time on tune-ups and refinishing is always less than a week.

    Current Pricing
    Linegear Complete Rubber kits (Juliet Only) - Black - $30
    Please check with The X-MAN for currently available colors
    Nose Bridge Tightening - $50
    Blast Refinish (X-Metal or Plasma finish only) - $40
    Tune Up/Blast Refinish Package Special (includes Nose Bridge Tightening and Blast Refinish) - $80

    If you need to contact the X-MAN, fill out this form and he'll get right back to you!

    Name :